Our Grand Open Day 2013

This was after 1 layer of paint!

This was after 3 layers of paint!

Almost finished 6 layers later! I might add all painted by me!

Yes this was me in a cherry picker reaching the highest point in our shop

This is what happens when putting slat wall up without using gloves!  Learnt my lesson and all the week we were opening!

Keeping them dry and praying they heal ok.  (which they have)

Here is that crafty slatwall being put in place

Organising our shelving

Our new window decals

The night before we opened

All the stock in place and ready

Here we are on opening day

Lots of goodies

and some more!

Lovely cupcakes made by Pat e Cakes Stanground.  Yum Yum!

Our First Birthday 2014