Roxy and rich white drip

Roxy and rich white drip


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Add vibrance to any cake design in need of a chocolate drip!

Roxy & Rich's brand new Chocolate Cake Drip will ensure flawless, tasty and beautifully vibrant drip-effects on your cakes - and it's never been easier.

It may seem easy to pull off the perfect drip, but it's a tricky technique - especially when you have melted the chocolate, whip up the ganache and perfect the consistency. Get this wrong and it could be a recipe for disaster! But with a Chocolate Cake Drip, it's quick, easy and stress-free!

Ready in just 30 seconds, Chocolate Cake Drip can be used on any cakes, when it's drizzled down the side of your cake tiers or painted on buttercream. The only limit is your imagination.