Trade account terms and conditions.

Please note these terms can change at any time. An email will be sent to all trade users if these terms change.

The first transaction using the trade discount confirms you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Purchases made using the trade account in store or online with Cambridgeshire Sugarcraft Supplies shall be subject to Cambridgeshire Sugarcraft Supplies standard terms and conditions for the sale of goods, as set out at Terms & conditions - Cambridgeshire Sugarcraft Supplies.

On opening of a trade account, we will issue an authorised Trade Card for use with the Account. Trade cards must be presented when in store. This will ensure the staff at Cambridgeshire Sugarcraft Supplies can allocate the purchase to the account. This card will have trade details on, and it must be signed by the trade card holder.

You are solely responsible for the safe keeping of your Trade Card. You must make us aware immediately if any Trade Card on the Account has been lost, stolen or misused.

Trade accounts will be reviewed every 3 months. If the required spend hasn’t been met, then Cambridgeshire Sugarcraft Supplies reserve the right to move the card holder to the lower trade level. In these cases the old trade card must be returned ready for a new trade card.

Review dates will be on set months of the year January end, April end, July end, October end, not 3 months from account start date meaning the first review may be slightly longer or shorter than 3 months dependant on the date of start.

Trade discounts cannot be used at the same time as bulk buy discounts. Trade discount cannot be used on courses or event ticket booking. Trade discount can be used when buying low date items.

By creating a trade account with us you confirm you are happy for us to add you to the trade emailing list.

Visit our trade sign up page here